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Natalie von der Lehr


In English

Most of the time I speak, think and write in Swedish. But it does happen that I write or give lectures in English.

About me

I am a scientific journalist with a background as an active researcher. 2009 I put down my pipette to exchange it for a pen - I had been curious about scientific journalism for quite a while and since I had come to a crossroad where to decide what step to take next in my career I decided to give writing a serious try.

I enjoyed it more than I could possibly think - and haven't touched a pipette since. My study is however crowded with pens, notebooks, scientific journals, magazines, photographs and you name it. I consider myself very lucky to have found this creative niche where I can combine the best of two worlds - my broad and genuine scientific interest and my ambition to create something.

Some of my work

Just click on the links and read some of my work in English.

Nobelprize 2011 - I met and interviewed Nobel Laureates Jules Hoffman, Bruce Beutler, Dan Shechtman and the daughter of the later Ralph Steinman. At the time I was editor in chief for Nordic Life Science Review and included some stories about young researchers - the next generation of Laureates.

Article of the quarter - for the same magazine I have chosen one scientific article from a Nordic research group. Great fun and a great responsibility!

Conference report from the Scandinavian Plant Physiology Society (SPPS)meeting in Stavanger (Norway) in August 2011. I was there and summarized the scientific talks, took a lot of nice pictures and met very interesting people.

Do you want to know more?

Please contact me via the contact form or by mailing directly to natalie[a] 

You can also call me on my mobile +46 733 900304